Never Stop Singing was produced between February, 2008 and April, 2009. The project involved interviews with more than 40 choral conductors, composers and singers as well as the President and CEO of Chorus America. In addition, choral ensembles of all sizes were filmed in rehearsal or performance settings ranging from churches and concert halls to the Washington National Cathedral and the Minnesota State Fair. The documentary opens with a brief history of Minnesota's choral heritage beginning with the early European settlers and the legacy of F. Melius Christiansen. But the story revolves around the people who are inspired every day to keep on singing, composing and conducting the music that brings incredible joy and inspiration to so many in our state and across the nation.

According to Chorus America, more than 450,000 Minnesotans sing in at least one chorus. These ensembles cover the full spectrum of choral involvement: from youth choirs to high school, college, and community choirs; from intimate ensembles to symphonic choruses; and from early-music devotees to specialists in contemporary, barbershop or Gospel music. While we couldn't begin to cover all of these different choruses, the stories and the messages are universal. What all choral ensembles seem to share is an amazing ability to motivate, inspire and bring people together through the shared experience of singing.

The project includes the one-hour documentary, a DVD with extended interview and musical excerpts for choral conductors, and transcripts of more than 40 interviews with choral musicians. The transcripts are available on the "Resources" page. In addition, the footage captured during the project will be archived and available for use by choral ensembles, writers and producers.

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Production credits

Executive Producer
Peter B. Myers

Skip Davis

Brian Newhouse

Director of Photography
Matt Ehling

Adrian Danciu
Noel Lee
Peter Roof
Jon Springer
Michael Sutz

Field Audio
David Trembley
Mike Wolsted

Audio Mix
Joe Demko

Open Music
Mark Henderson

Graphic Design
Molly Orth

Robin Harris

Camille Kolles

Interview Transcription
Julie Moore