This might be the first documentary that made me cry with memories of joy and love for my upbringing singing in a number of excellent choirs....none more excellent than Jefferson Senior High School's Choir in Alexandria, Minnesota under the direction of Les Dehlin, a direct connection to the heritage of Olaf and Concordia. Thank you, Mr. Dehlin. You influenced me for life.

You have done a wonderful job and I have heard many, many complimentary comments from folks. Everyone is so pleased that there is, finally, something like this available.

Never Stop Singing is a gem!

I just watched the documentary - AWESOME!  What a great gift to Minnesota music.


We were delighted with Never Stop Singing. I watched it twice!  Thank you for such a wonderful production! It was very moving.

How wonderful this is for choruses everywhere—in Minnesota of course, but for choruses far beyond Minnesota’s borders as well. Bravo to you and your team.  Thank you for your contribution to the cause of choral singing.  It’s simply wonderful!

I'm wiping away the tears from my eyes.  The special is beautiful and so heartfelt and true about choral music and what it gives to all.  I was enthralled and captivated. I couldn't stop watching it.  It so captivated what we all feel about singing, about contributing to the group, about the magic.  Congratulations!!

It is overpowering.  It truly encapsulates what choral music is, not only in Minnesota but so much of the world.

Your documentary is truly world class.  What a gift for lovers of choral music and the State of Minnesota.  Kudos and thanks!

This is a significant addition to our MN choral history and our culture with impact far beyond MN, as demonstrated by the Argento/Reilly Lewis connection and the many wonderful quotes by the head of Chorus America and others. It was a world-class effort and your commitment and passion for the project were infectious. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What a triumph!

Last night was a smash hit in our minds!  To have everyone together in one film was somewhat overwhelming!  And what a legacy to leave our community!  Being able to reference the philosophies of all these great directors will surely contribute to the sustenance and ongoing growth of the art form will be an inspiration to future conductors and singers of all communities throughout not only the state but the nation!  Bravo, Bravi, Bravissimi!!! It was wonderful!

Just writing to thank you for your efforts in bringing Never Stop Singing to life.  I write as a fan of choral music and not in any official capacity.  All I can say is what a tremendous group of people in that room yesterday, and your documentary is a treasure for anyone who loves these people and the music they have made! Congrats for capturing it so well for the MN Channel audiences and for posterity!

Congratulations on a splendid production. The piece played well to us that are invested in the choral scene, who know many of the players, have sat on boards and etc. I have a feeling that even peripheral viewers will sense the depth of devotion to the choral art and recognize its significance. At least, that's my hope. Again, lovely, brilliant, moving.

Once again, bravo!  What a wonderful piece you've put together.  I feel honored to have been included along with so many people who've been working in the field for so many years. I hope and pray that this goes very far.  It is so well done! Blessings to you in all you do!

I am still wired after this evening’s event.  Kudos to you and Skip for a wonderful documentary.   It was very touching.

What an amazing and important film!  To capture all these choral legends in one place, both the young and the old. I do know that every choral conductor in America will want a copy of this, because it is so filled with the things every choral conductor will at some point want to say! Thanks for taking on this marvelous project!


I must let you know what a glorious hour of TV you provided last evening. You captured the essence of this wonderful choral tradition we have here in Minnesota and presented it so clearly and so well -- I am so proud to be even a minute part of it. Thank you so much for this gift to us all -- I'm sure you've heard tons of congratulations by this time. I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus.

This is a wonderful film that shows how rich choral singing is in our state.

What a wonderful project and reminder of why I do what I do.  It was so inspiring and filled me with wonderful memories!